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Presentation of the association by the chairwoman Luoding Lammel-Rath

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the bridge is the symbol of our German-Chinese Friendship Association e.V. (DCF). We build bridges. Our bridges connect the centre of Europe with China. Our bridges are used by people who want to get from West to East and from East to West without long detours.   

You may ask why one should go from West to East and vice versa? The reasons can be very different:

  •     Interest in the culture of the other country or
  •     Search for sales opportunities for one's own products

A stable bridge to the other country creates the first prerequisite for reaching the goal.
But what happens after the bridge has been crossed?  

The answer to this question is the core competence of our association. In more than 20 years of work in the German-Chinese environment, we have built up both qualified expert knowledge and sustainable relationships with decision-makers, which guarantees rapid results.

The basis is mutual trust and familiarity with the people and customs of the other country. The work of the DCF serves this principle.

As expert insiders, we have been able to successfully assist federal ministries such as BMWi, BMZ, BMELV and BMU, implementing institutions such as KfW, large companies such as EADS, family-run enterprises such as UNDERBERG, as well as regional and municipal authorities in their China-oriented activities.

Especially the future topics "sustainable development", "energy", "renewable resources", "CO2 reduction", "water and waste" as well as social problems offer a high potential for fruitful bilateral cooperation between China and the German-speaking countries.  

The German-Chinese Friendship Association (Deutsch-Chinesischer Freundschaftsverein e.V.), with its members as well as its professionally and linguistically qualified staff, offers the platform for sustainable cooperation between the German-speaking countries and China. I would like to invite you to join us.  

Luoding Lammel-Rath